From where do you get your inspo?

Inspiration is such a personal thing.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that, and it’s important you understand what inspires you and where you get your positive energy from.

I am still reeling from an inspiring virtual book launch that was held yesterday! The launch was to celebrate the release of the third instalment in the spellbinding Second Sight Series, See Us, the debut trilogy from my amazing friend and author, Shan L. Scott.

The Second Sight Series centres around Shelly, a young, ambitious, intelligent woman who learns of her unique gifts that have actually been a part of her bloodline for generations. The first story, See Me, sets the scene by providing Shelly’s background and insights into her personal life, from childhood with sister, Mia through to adulthood with her fiancé, James. To quote special guest speaker Chris Matanovic, the story is “a human story which explores personal issues and Shelly’s management of her gifts, and the experiences she encounters”. It is a tale of resilience, heartache and miracles.

The second instalment in the Second Sight Series is I See You. A follow on from the first, in I See You Scott takes the reader on more of a murder-mystery-crime-thriller theme, while incorporating all the paranormal features of the first. I See You follows the story of the Glenrock Murders and how Shelly uses her gifts to save a life.

And the third and final instalment in the Second Sight Series, and the purpose of the launch yesterday, is See Us. I am almost three quarters through the book but there are so many facets to it, it is hard to narrow it down to just a few. There’s legal, medical, psychological, mental health, paranormal, horror, abuse, comical – simply brilliant. Scott’s writing and exquisite descriptions come to life in my mind’s eye as I read the intense story. As I walk with Shelly through her time in the mental institute, I am in complete suspense as I wait to learn if she survives, and to learn the fate of her allies within the walls.

The purpose of my blog today is about inspiration and energy. Too often I find myself at the end of the unfulfilled. Why? Because too much of my time and energy is spent on areas that are no longer inspiring me. Don’t get me wrong, HR is an excellent career and my current colleagues and current mission are fantastic – but am I inspired by what I am doing with my time? Am I doing what I want with my time, and are you doing what you want with yours?

Scott has overcome many personal obstacles throughout her life, including battling her own mental health issues, and being a full-time carer for her terminally ill brother who lost his battle with cancer in 2013, but she still is a remarkable symbol of strength, determination, inspiration and energy.

Following on from my post last week about commitment and doing what you say you are going to do, Scott is admirable and commendable and I hope you all take some inspiration from Scott and her books, as I have and do.

Dust off that keyboard and get inspired about those things we want to do!

Scott has other books in her repertoire including Small Truths, a collection of candid and powerful poetry, and novella Tempest, that follows protagonist Brian and his gifts.

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Guests in Shan L. Scott’s See Us Launch held 21 September 2020

Let’s talk about commitment…

It’s about time you put finger to keyboard…

Pen to paper, hands to netball, digits to paintbrushes, pedal to the metal. How often do you commit to doing something, and then you wake up one, two three years later, and you still haven’t cleaned out that cupboard and your pantry still has items 10 years past their use by date? Whether or not you were successful, do any of the following commitments stand out to you as items you have committed to doing at some stage of your life?

  • Lose those extra kilos
  • Transform your resume to get that dream job
  • Sort out the spare room to declutter your life
  • Start eating clean
  • Ditch that friend or boyfriend that’s not serving you anymore
  • Take that risk on that new business venture
  • Try that new sport or hobby, or pick up an old one such as rollerblading
  • Write the book you’ve been thinking about for years
  • Buy that house
  • Write that song
  • Get more gigs

I’m only saying these things because at some stage or another, I have dreamt of doing ambitious things, and in some cases I have achieved the objective, and in others, I am still procrastinating three years later. Even when the things aren’t that ambitious.

But the time to stop resting has come. It’s about time I put my finger to keyboard, pen to paper, hands to netball, digits to paintbrushes, pedal to the metal. And I hereby commit to writing a blog a week for a year. What’s my purpose? To reignite the passion I once had for sharing my HR Hot Tips to help people who are now competing for work during this unprecedented pandemic. Or, at the very least, to inspire you to start that hobby, write that song, lose those kilos, start eating clean….

We are all here for a purpose. A higher purpose. What is your purpose? What are you committing to!?

‘Til next week!

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