Clive Clive Clive: It’s a wonder you’re still alive

Clive PalmerIt’s a tough gig being Clive Palmer right now. I wonder, was being Queensland’s most hated man part of his plan? Was life meant to turn out this way?

One can only assume it was, considering he has let go 237 workers from his nickel refinery which shut down in Townsville, Queensland this week, as a direct result of his immoral and irresponsible spending.

Despite Clive using money from the refinery to fund his political activities, he states he is unable to pay these retrenched workers their entitlements. So he abuses his position of privilege for personal and political gain, whilst these Aussie battlers miss out on their entitlements. Think about that for a second.

In my book, 101 HR Hot Tips: Handy Secrets for Success in the WorkplaceHR Hot Tip #40 covers just that – misuse of company money and the affect it has on business, employees, shareholders and your family. Or in this case, the 237 people and their families in Townsville.

Can't talk - busy
Can’t talk – busy

And while he’s holed up in his waterfront mansion, or on his yacht, or playing for par on one of his golf courses, these people are now without what is rightfully theirs as a result of this closure. Instead, he has stolen from these hard-working, unsuspecting, trusting victims who have now been left to deal with the consequences of his decision-making.

Furthermore, sacked employees have also stated that their superannuation hasn’t been paid, and that their voluntary contributions have also vanished. He is a thief.

Where’s the integrity? As Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says, “it’s a moral responsibility for companies to communicate what is happening with their workforce. Frankly, that has not been happening in this situation.”

Lawrence Springborg reported that it was Mr Palmer’s mismanagement and decision-making alone which is the reason behind the company’s collapse, not the Queensland Government who rejected Clive’s request for tax-payer funded assistance at the end of last year. Now, Clive is stating that he doesn’t have the money to pay out these workers’ entitlements.

But back in November 2013, Palmer was listed as a billionaire on the annual rich lists published by business magazine BRW and The Courier Mail. However, in January 2015, he dropped off Forbes Australia’s rich list claiming his wealth fell below $690 million, which is the cut-off for Forbes. You have to feel sorry for him, right?

The reality is he can afford it; he just doesn’t want to. And this will greatly impact not only 237 Queensland Nickel workers, but their families’ quality of life.

Debt collectors will appear at the door, holidays won’t be taken, children won’t go on their school excursions, houses will be repossessed due to inability to pay mortgages, parents and loved ones who need care will struggle to get it. Not to mention the anger, frustration and other emotions that manifest as a result. The impact of his actions on relationships will be insurmountable.

I wonder how many suicides will occur as a result of his lies and theft.

Ironically, the lies and the stealing should really, in theory, make him a great candidate to be a politician. But rightfully so, he’s being urged to quit. I mean, if he funds his political party and activities with a measly couple million from his company, I loathe to think what he’d do with the Australian taxpayers’ billions.

Fair go mate. Pay up and quit.



Photograph: Dave Hunt/AAP/Press Association Images/The Guardian





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