Rejoicing in redundancy

Time for lunch with a view of Moreton Bay

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing an industry acquaintance-come-friend post both our redundancy experiences.

I am not suggesting that losing your job is a joyous experience, but I am demonstrating how it does create opportunities to find your purpose and live it.

Amanda and I have backgrounds in HR however she has specialised in recruitment and as you know I am a generalist.

She always knew she had it in her to give more, and her previous employer gave her this opportunity when – after 13 years’ loyal service and 5 months pregnant with her second child – they gave her her marching orders.

It was a different version of me getting mine – during the settlement period of the purchase of my first home, which they knew – yet the impact and outcome is not dissimilar.

In just over two years she has gone on to create a multi-million dollar business, employing eight people across two cities and impacting several industries.

(Side note – and I ask my international readers to chip in here – Australia is currently experience a massive labour crisis. There just isn’t enough skilled or willing labour to fill the roles. What’s going on in your part of the world?)

Amanda is supporting businesses who can’t find talent, she’s helped people get out of debt and she’s impacting her local community through various economical events.

I went on to obtain a much more senior role in a better company, double my salary, invest time in developing my wealth consciousness, learning how to invest and diversify my income and will purchase an investment property in the next six months. I’ve also zeroed in on writing more music, and performing more gigs solo and with the band. I’ve taken time to write and create more – both songs and stories.

This would not have happened if we were still with our previous employers, living beneath our potential financially and mentally.

My message today is that redundancy is not the end of the world. Yes it is challenging. Yes it hurts. Yes the rejection is very hard to deal with and you might need counselling. This will take time. Months, maybe years.

But the universe is doing you a favour and this will become evident if you want it to.

We had a beautiful lunch in Brisbane’s bayside on a cracking spring day. Check out more information on what Amanda is up to here:

Have you a great redundancy story to share? I’d love to hear it!

Delicious seafood lunch!
Lunch with a view

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