Check. Check 1-2.


How thorough are you with your diligence and checking your work?

Today, I have been reading a bunch of employer profiles for a project I am working on. The spelling and grammatical errors, and misuse of the apostrophe is atrocious. And this is a public, customer facing website. It’s supposed to be professional. 

When I was younger, I used to rush through my work and make mistakes. Speed was more important than accuracy. But what it meant was rework, so I wasn’t really that efficient anyway!

I do believe I suffer from some form of (undiagnosed) dyslexia – I have a habit of reading words out of order and getting my numbers around the wrong way. Even after checking a few times, I always find errors in my work, but thankfully I pick them up before I hit send or submit the articles.

My very first boss – who I’m thankful for now, but who I thought was never satisfied back then – would always say “did you check your work?” I would say YES and then she’d proceed to find a mistake. It was very frustrating at the time. I thought she was picking my work to pieces, but the truth was that I wasn’t doing my job properly.

I also see a lot of spelling errors on articles, and the strip that appears at the bottom of the screen during television news broadcasts.

Am I being too over sensitive? Does it really take away from the message? Am I alone in this? Am I overthinking it? I’d love your thoughts below!

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2 thoughts on “Check. Check 1-2.

  1. After working for various publications, I can say that even the best eyes in the world will falter. So there will always be missed typos, especially if it’s a one-person operation.

    Sloppy mistakes, however, are frowned upon. Like ‘sneak peak’ or ‘I’m going to workout’.

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