A Timely Reminder: Who will you be, or who will you see, at this year’s Christmas Party?

Given that we are entering the 2021 Silly Season, I thought I would share my blog from 2015 about the different types that can be found at our various festivities!

Who will you be, or who will you see, at this year’s Christmas Party?

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3 ways to improve your Time Management

Throughout my 15 year HR career, I have always been responsible for the appraisal piece of a business – this involves a wide range of practical tasks including organising and implementing the appraisal policy and process; training managers and subordinates on what is involved; how appraisals should be conducted; how to give feedback – both positive and negative; and then finally a training needs analysis based on the “development” or “improvement” areas identified for each individual as a result of their performance. Continue reading

4 Tips To Pass Your Probation


The New Year is a time for us all to reflect and reassess our goals in life, and a US survey reported that more than half of workers look for a new job after January 1. In my book, 101 HR Hot Tips: Handy Secrets for Success in the Workplace, I discuss passing your probation in HR Hot Tip #34, but I thought it an opportune time to extend on this HR Hot Tip! So if you’re starting your new role about now, or in the near future, here are four more tips to ensure you maximise your chances of passing your probation: Continue reading