Reflections and Revolutions time!

Reset and restart a new race

It’s the time of year for renewing and regrouping. For reflecting on the year that was and your intentions set and achieved.

For reviewing, rewarding and recognising. What worked and what didn’t.

Reflecting on what we thought we were going to do and didn’t.

What we never thought we’d do, but did.

I love today, 1 January. It’s the reset button we get to press every 365 (or 366!) days to realign our desires, wishes and really get our focus into laser sharp gear for the upcoming year.

What are you hoping to manifest in 2022? Career, health and wealth are my focuses for this year! What are yours?

All of this is dependent on positive energy and gratitude for all we have and will have!

I can’t wait to see the progress at the end of the year! And I can’t wait to hear yours.

All the best for 2022! 🎆


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