A note from a C-suite recruiter

Natasha’s post earlier this week on LinkedIn

I was so happy to read this on a LinkedIn post this week.

The poster – Natasha, who I have met a few times over the years from the industry – is a senior leader and executive recruiter in Brisbane

This post totally sums up the first part of my book.

It also demonstrates how prevalent – still – people missing the mark in their job applications is.

Guys, if you really want a job that you’re applying for, I implore you to implement the following HR Hot Tips in your application:

1. Never use a generic cover letter

2. Include all specifics available to you. If they’re not in the advert, do some research. Even call to get the recruiter’s name

3. Use the recruiter’s name instead of Sir/Madam

4. Include the job title in your cover letter. Never say “the advertised position”

5. Always include the company’s name

6. Align your passion and experience with the company’s Just Cause, Vision, Mission and Values. Speak their language

7. Keep your cover letter to a page

8. Address the selection criteria advertised

9. Make sure there are NO spelling mistakes, or incorrect use of words.

I’ll leave you to read the rest of Natasha’s blog is here, and hope you reflect on your job applications if you’re getting zero bites.

Give me a shout if you need help with your covering letter and resume.

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