Growth or Fixed?

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One of the key ingredients to successfully diversify your income and grow your wealth is to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, first birthed the entrepreneurial mindset movement in this book.

The entrepreneurial mindsets are born, but they can also be made. It takes work, repetition and a whole heap of dedication. Change is possible.

The following excerpt is taken from It’s important to note, there is no right or wrong. These are simply guidelines to provoke thought and inspire:

1. Employees dream about freedom. Entrepreneurs enjoy freedom.

2. Employees think without starting. Entrepreneurs start without thinking.

3. Employees break down after failure. Entrepreneurs wake up after failure.

4. Employees improve their weaknesses. Entrepreneurs improve their skills.

5. Employees trade time for Money. Entrepreneurs create Value for Money

6. Employees wait for the right time. Entrepreneurs move without thinking about the right time.

7. Employees aim for the promotion in their company. Entrepreneurs aim for the promotion in their business.

8. Employees see Security is taking no risks. Entrepreneurs see Security is taking calculated risks.

9. Employees dream their plans. Entrepreneurs plan their dreams.

10. Employees expect their boss for fix the problems. Entrepreneurs solve the business problems themselves

11. Employees focus on money and position. Entrepreneurs focus on time, money and significance

12. Employees wish to be the smartest person in the room. Entrepreneurs wish to be surrounded with people who are smarter than them.

13. Employees’ favourite phrase is Payday. Entrepreneurs’ is Business Opportunity

14. Employees look at holidays as a relief. Entrepreneurs look at holidays for strengthening their beliefs.

So, are you an Employee or an Entrepreneur? Which do you wish to be?

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