How to be more Pacific

Ah 1 July in Australia brings the beginning of a new financial year. And with it, a heap of salary reviews and increases to Award wages.

This year CPI was huge and Fair Work Australia awarded a minimum wage increase of 5.2% to $21.38 per hour (not bad!) and 4.6% to Awards. We certainly live in the lucky country!

But this isn’t the point of my blog today. My blog today is around how this time of year brings a lot of use of the non-existent word, renumeration.

I hear it so often this time of year, and from smart people too! I spend most of July correcting people who fail to use the correct word, remuneration. I guess it’s a quirk of the English language. It’s pretty hard to learn.

But then there are other words people use incorrectly – pacific for specific, apart for a part… his instead of he’s. Then there’s the your and you’re and there, their and they’re.

This is why I’ve included Learn to Spell in at HR Hot Tip #25 and Agreeance isn’t a word at HR Hot Tip #53

Oh and how could I forget, the Sneak Peak?

I’d love to know what spelling or pronunciation inaccuracies get up your goat.

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